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I provide on and off-site consultancy services in all aspects of software system production focusing primarily on the Microsoft stack. This is ideal if you need targetted expertise over a short period of time or wish to have regular reviews of progress.

I do workshops, presentations, architectural reviews & recommendations, best practice adoption, solution architecture, emerging technology introduction, etc.

I deliver independent units of work, proof-of-concepts and/or complete systems that you may not have the resources to achieve internally.

If a project is beyond the capabilities of one (very experienced!) man, I will manage my network of collaborators that can bring pretty much any system to life.

In the right circumstances I also fill an on-site contractor-style need over a period of months. This works best where there an on-site team has a specific skills gap that I can fill.

My pricing structure depends on location, duration, requirements, etc. However, money isn't a driving force so, whatever your budget, do get in touch.

After years of delivering systems in all sorts of environments I have pretty much assumed every role possible. Starting out in support at Apple I moved through development, design, architecture, leadership, enterprise architecture, entrepreneurship and continue to cycle through those roles Today.

For many years I have had a definite leaning toward the Microsoft stack but, of late, I increasingly find myself employing and recommending technologies from a much wider selection of vendors and open source communities.

I am seriously buzzed about some recent game changing advances such as CEP, Hadoop, NoSQL (particularly Graph Databases and Polyglot solutions), IaaS, Azure, IoT, etc.
Core development skills include: C#, Visual Studio, TFS, SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, JQuery, Winform, WPF, XAML, ASP.NET, WebSphere, WCF, Infragistics, MVVM, MVC , TDD, Agile/Scrum, CI, etc.
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